Sunday, March 4, 2012

Winter Carnival Fun

Cups! Cups! Everywhere you look it's cups!  We had cup stacking for winter carnival in my room.  Teams of kids started stacking cups as high as they could.  It was great to see the excitement build as the towers and pyramids climbed.  I loved hearing the shouts of laughter and awwwwws as some structures came crashing down.  Some kids choose to build together and others liked working by themselves.  When can we do it again?

 The kindergarten got into the act walking down the hall to a new activity.  Ms. H took a group out for a scavenger hunt walk.
Mrs. Heinlein had a group of artists create beautiful lizards with chalk.  She said that you can hanging them so that they look like they are walking up the wall 3-D.


It was a great time and a terrific way to end the week before our winter break.  
Day 6


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