Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dice Dice Dice

I have a thing for dice.  I think I have an addiction to them.  I can never have enough. I have all kinds big dice, soft dice, regular dice, colorful dice, multi-sided dice, dice inside dice.  You get the idea.  Last summer I found some more dice that I love.  I  found 3 tiny dice inside one cube.  I bought 20 of them.  Then a couple of weeks ago I was browsing in the Target’s dollar section and found these beautiful big dice that had hearts instead of dots.  I bought all packages.  (There were only 6 sets.)   Dice Dice I lovvvvvvvvvve dice.

When I get excited about something, my kiddos get excited, too.  They all know about my obsession with dice.  I have them practice adding 2 dice together, working on addition.  They got bored.  Then I moved on to 3 dice, using my new special dice within dice.   They loved to new dice.  I had them write down the numbers they got and then give the total.  They liked this activity but it got tedius.

My favorite discovery was when I gave every one 4 dice to add together.  They all liked the challenge.   I made up a game I call Go To The Ten.  They roll their dice and find how the dots combine to make 10.  Since we have played Fast 10’s with cards of adding numbers to 10 as fast as they can, adding 4 dice together has been easy.  My kiddos are doing an amazing job of seeing the numbers in different ways every time they roll.   Some kids are still counting all the dots and others are seeing combinations and adding 4 dice very fast.  I have taken this to the next level by giving some kids dice with numbers to bring in the abstract.  I also started having kids adding strings of numbers in their heads.  Oh the excitement.  

Check out my latest obsession.  What's yours?



a little blurry 3 dice in cube 
Start each day in a happy way!

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