Monday, March 4, 2013

Heart Stacking with our Skype Buddies

I love our skyping buddies Mrs. Hilton's First Grade from Morning Sun, Iowa.  During the month of love, we hung out together doing some estimating and stacking candy hearts.  We loved getting a chance to practice our estimating skills.  Mrs. Hilton had 3 baby food jars filled with small candy hearts.  She showed them to us and we all made our educated guess.  Next we recorded our guesses.  Mrs. Hilton counted out all the candies into groups of 10, a skill we all practice.  It was cool for my kiddos to get close to the actual totals with their estimates.
       We had a blast trying to stack candy hearts.  Our top stacker, Jessica was able to stack 19 candies.  We even took out rulers to measure how high our candy stacks were.  Of course we got to munch away at our yummy candies.  We all had a great time.  We are all looking forward to our next Skype session with both Iowa and Texas.


  1. Oh how we love our Skype Buddies!! :) What should we do next?

  2. What a wonderful idea to connect learners across the country! Kudos to both of you.