Monday, March 18, 2013

Trapping A Leprechaun

We are sure there was a leprechaun lurking around our classroom this past week.  It's a good thing my class created leprechaun traps to try to capture one.  Oh the messes he left all week long took us way too long to clean up.  I am so glad the our leprechaun has moved on to greener pastures (namely back home to Ireland).  There was green glitter sprinkled all over the carpet , books and even on the traps.  Our shoes were lost for a good part of a morning but were found in the bathroom.  We suspect that the tricky leprechaun stole them because the toilet water was green even after we flushed it.  He was kind on our last day when he left us necklaces, and candies.  He wasn't fooled by any of the fabulous traps.  Maybe next year.........
Check out how great all of our traps were!

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