Sunday, October 20, 2013

A New Habit

I guess I forgot what a blog is......It's a place to write and share.  Over these last 2 months I've been as busy as a first year teacher, even though I've been in the class room for 30+ years.  I have so much to say but it seems no time to say it in.  With every new school year comes new kids, new set ups, new curriculum, new principals, new friends, new schedules, and new ideas.  My head seems to be swirling with so many new ideas that I want to try and incorporate that it seems like I can't get to anyone of them.  I am thankful for all the other teachers out there who do blog and blog well.  I don't know how you find the time.  I need to make blogging a habit, like my habit of getting the mail when I get home or checking Facebook to see what's up with my family and friends.  I have so much to share about my wonderful class.  Today is a new day.  Thanks for sticking with me during my "silent time"!
An I Spy Page we did last year for our Five Senses Unit.   Students used their  iPods to take pictures!  It was a favorite activity from last year.  This year we will use an iPad to record on and probably use Creative Book Builder to make an ebook out of it.  Stay tuned for more.......
New Habit: Shorter Blogs, more often......

Have a fantastic week!

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