Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Love Augmented Reality

Dancing pumpkins
       I came across this great app called colAR Mix.  It is the neatest thing to play with.    The app is free.  I downloaded the free picture of pumpkins.  I made copies and had all of my kids color the picture either with colored pencils or bright markers, no black.  Leave the blank spaces white to allow the camera to see the pumpkins.  Place the picture on the table and turn on the app.  Scan it until you see the blue tinted screen and hold it still.  Up pops those colored pumpkins dancing around.  It is so fun.  We all love it.  You can stick you hand under the scanner and the pumpkins still dance.  This is so fun.  It fits in well with my pumpkin unit.

The site has other pictures that you can download but you need to upgrade at a cost to the be able to see the those pictures dance on the screen.

Check out the website at: http://colarapp.com   

Here is a video showing just what these adorable pumpkins and other images can do.

colAR Mix

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