Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dollar Tree Fabulous Find

Have you seen these great Halloween character boxes yet?  I bought the 3 sets for my math games.  Each set has 2 boxes of the same character, one big, one small.  They each have googly eyes.
       I stacked them on my desk and the kids just thought that they were decoration until math rolled around.  They were so excited to see what games I was able to put into each of the boxes. 
I found some little pumpkins and acorns in Target’s dollar section and knew that they would be perfect counters in a box.  I have the kids count (in groups of 10 of course) and then write up their total on a sticky note.
I have 100’s of rubbery bugs that fit well into another box for counting. 

I am a dice addict and have a black pumpkin dice that went well with the easy pumpkin game.  I also quartered paper for the box. 

I added 2 large dice (orange and green) along with some pigs and numberlines to 50.  They roll the dice and move their piggie along.  For those kids  that can handle it.  I have them start to subtract their piggie after the number 10.

Another box has a plus and minus dice in it with 2 regular dice and a recording sheet.  So the roll 2 numbers and a plus or minus sign and write that as a math equation on the sheet.

I had 3 sets of numbers for counting by 5’s to 100.  This one is tough for some of my kiddos.
Here is the Hairy Monster on our door.  I found these 2 gigantic googly eyes at Target and I pulled out some Easter grass.  The kids had fun creating him.  Our custodian wants to know when it's coming down.  It's a little messy.  He keeps shedding.......Ha Ha

Have a great Halloween!  Maybe I should take Friday off....It's gonna be crazy the day after Halloween.

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