Sunday, August 17, 2014

Building Fun

My kiddos last year were quite the builders.  They loved when I gave them different materials to create some kind of structure with.  Here are a few block examples they created in teams.  It was an excellent activity to get kids to work together at a task.  I always gave a time limit to keep the activity focused and fast.

During our field days in June, I was thinking about my kiddos when I came up the idea to use cardboard boxes in a Mine-craft activity.  I collected 80+ cardboard boxes of all sizes.  The boxes took over my classroom.  Unfortunately, it rained all morning long during our morning field day stations.  And by rain I mean poured buckets.  Both kids and boxes got soaked.  But everyone had loads of fun.

This was a hit on field days!  I had the kids building different structures in two different teams.

Kids love constructing and building of all kinds.  It reminds me of the engineering piece we are implementing into our Next Generation Standards.

School starts for me on Tuesday.  I'm almost ready.  When do you start?

Good Luck on a new school year.

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