Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dollar Tree Finds and other Treasures

I love shopping!  My favorite shopping trips are the back to school adventures.  I've found a few treasures at the Dollar Tree.
Large glasses to practice "reading between the lines"
 Magnetic dry erase speech bubbles   These will be great paired with pictures of the kids doing fun things and writing captions to go with them.
 More vinyl speech bubbles to use on my classroom door.
I just love the things you can find at the Dollar Tree Store.
 During  trip to a Maine I found some treasures in toy and museum stores.
I am obsessed with dice and found this package of multi dice.  I love the  cool colors.
I bought 2 hand held Microscopes for kids to use in a science center or out on the playground.
 A tin whistle.  I guess I need a few lessons on how to play it.  It will become a way for me to help kids transition from one activity to another, like my chimes.
 A box of sharks for my science center. 
 A cute baby owl by Gund and squishy happy faced ball for morning meeting tossing games.
I can't wait to share these fun items with my new class.

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