Monday, August 11, 2014

Word Wall Freebie

Over the years I've had several different designs of word walls.  I hate how much space they take up on classroom walls.  My first wall I created using index cards and I did it all by hand.  Yuck! is all I can say about it.  I've bought other word walls and there seemed to be a million pieces.  For the last few years I didn't have any word wall except for a Words For Writing Chart.  At the end of the year I noticed a word wall in a second grade classroom at my school that hit me like a ton of bricks.  That's it!   That's what I need, a smaller word wall that kids can use to help with reading and writing.

It takes the space on a half a door.  I have a bathroom in my classroom and it is the perfect place for all to see and an easy space to attach words with just tape.  I am thrilled with how it looks.

I created it using tables.  I put all words in alphabetical order.  It was easy to attach to the door and I can always add more words if we need to.   Here's how it looks.

I printed the alphabet on bright pink for bright contrast.  It is just what I've been dreaming of for years.  You are welcome to try the Mini Word Wall out here.  

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