Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Be Present #IMMOOCB2

         I loved the idea of having our leaders become a student for a day  The empathy and understanding of what it’s like for our students.  Taking the perspective of a child can change the thinking for everyone.  The observation for the type of day, the environment, the rigor in the curriculum and the tasks themselves can help a leader see students through a different lens.  Reflection of this perspective can lead to Innovation. Leaders can help  take educators out of their comfort zones to improve their practice and change ways of thinking.

        There are days that go by that I never cross paths with our school leader.  What a marvelous idea of mobilizing our leader’s daily office, by hanging out in classrooms instead of the office.  This is truly “being present” in our schools.   This can help our school leaders get a handle or a vibe for what is happening in our school setting.  It can be a way for our leaders to offer support to our innovative staff.  I believe that innovation doesn’t just happen.  There has to be thought of, sweat, collaboration, excitement, support and ideas for some change.  Let’s be the change by being present!

Stella arrived and dumped about 3 feet of snow!
I'd rather blog than shovel.

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