Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Innovator's Mindset #IMMOOC

     Wow!  So much cool information all at one time.  I am reading the book The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros and taking his online course at #IMMOOC.  I am blown away by how many people have the same belief system that I have.  Sometimes I feel like I'm a tiny island in the middle of this gigantic sea called Education.  Every time I read something posted by people taking this same course I just want to "like" everything I read.  It has been great to find like minded people.

      I love the Quote by Bill Fettiter, "Technology is a tool, NOT a learning outcome."  Why are we so focused on how many apps we used?   Why do teachers and others believe that if I make a video or create a document in Google or stick a child in front of a green screen that we have somehow fulfilled the technology standards?  I have been guilty of this sentiment myself, using technology (computers, iPads, apps, videos, etc...) is what it's all about.  We need to take it a step further and start conversations about how technology can make a difference to the questions our students ask and it can certainly drive the change in our classrooms.  I have some bright thinkers in my first grade classroom that need many opportunities to push them to want something more from their education.  I also have some give me a task and I'll be the first to get it done kind of kids.  These kids never seem to do more than what is asked of them.  I have got to take away the task and push students to think in different ways about their learning. What do they want to learn  It's those daydreamers that may have a better way to approach problems so I need to be a better listener to these deep thinkers.

       I love the excitement that Genius Projects instill in my students.  I've got to get them thinking about learning something more, ways to innovate, and using to technology as an avenue to get there.
    I want the voice of the students to be in the forefront of our classroom.  Sometimes as teachers we need to be in control of everything.  Why can't I just let my students take over and dictate the path we follow.  It may not always be pretty, but it will be real.
     My next steps:
        First, Class meeting to discuss a new path for our class.
        Second,  Make a list of student ideas.
        Third,  Choice from Student Voice.........How do we want to proceed?
        Fourth, Make an action plan together.
I will not have all the answers......I will push my students to work out problems as they arise.

I'm scared ! YIKES!

Change is an opportunity to do something amazing! ........George Couros

This has got to be my mantra for the next couple of months.  Thanks George for the inspiration to further myself as a teacher/coach/innovator.


  1. Great plan Claire! I like that you are having students be part of the planning process which will give them ownership over the change in your classroom.

    I totally agree too that sometimes as teachers we feel like we need to control everything (I am SO guilty of this at times) and it's really scary to let go of some of the control because then the path becomes unpredictable!

    1. I should have probably said their classroom