Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#IMMOOC It's All About the Kids!

 Wow!  The deeper I delve into The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros, the amazing growth in my own learning.  I loved the video discussion with George, Katie Martin, and Sarah Thomas of edumatch.com   Edumatch.com is finding like-minded people to carry on THE conversation with.  I will be checking that out.

 "If it’s not better for kids, and if you don’t know your kids and what they need, than the innovation is frivolous.”  Katie Martin  Innovation is doing something new and better…..but remember that’s tied to “what’s better for kids.” Not just what’s better.  It’s really all about the kids.  We do need to meet the needs of the kids.  This is critical to innovation.  Just because I'm doing new and flashy things with technology doesn't mean I'm an innovator.  Say it with me....."It's all about the kids."
I have a hard time when I hear the leader of my school say that all kids in first grade will receive the same education in any one of the 3 classrooms.  Really?  It’s not fair to the kids to be “Stepford Teachers”.   I don’t expect anyone to have the same passions that I have for teaching.  So it’s really going to look very different in my classroom than in the other 2 classrooms.  I think that’s okay.  Other teachers often just smile at me and say “Wow! I can’t do what you do!”  But in fact they can.

Teachers are not scared of change…..they are scared of spending all their time to do something that has no impact.  George Couros I am amazed how the leaders in my school are not pushing me to have an impact on the kids in my class.  We do spend time doing work that is not helping with my growth as a teacher.  It’s my own desire to address the needs of kids through my own innovation.  I want my kiddos to be deep thinkers and problem solvers.  They aren’t going to get that through worksheets or just playing on computer games.  Don’t get me wrong…..gaming is very important to the technology movement in our schools but it really needs a purpose.  Just letting them play is really not what’s best for kids.

Making connections with other innovators opens up a whole new world.  This book has the gears clicking away in my head.  I’m excited to push myself further to in the pursuit of innovative growth…….wait is that new hash tag???……#innovativegrowth   the reflection piece to document my change overtime.   YES!

New plan:
1.     Document my growth overtime……I have forgotten to do that over my 30 years of teaching.
2.     Make more connections through hashtags and not just people….love this George
3.     Continue to seek support and space to nurture growth to get the BEST results with kids…..thanks Sarah Thomas
4.     And to Share Share Share…..Sarah is right!  Sharing is a way to excite others to want to be innovative with their own growth.

I’m looking forward to our Wednesday Twitter Chat on #IMMOOC!  It’s the fastest hour in my whole week……I have to spend an extra hour just catching up to all of the dialog.  I love it!

Have a great week!


  1. Claire...

    Thank you so much for your reflections and connections to your own learning. I always take about the importance of collaboration, but also the need for a push. If we do not have both, we tend to not grow, and I am glad that this community and the process is giving you both the pressure and support, and that it is helping you become better for your students.

    Keep doing amazing things!

  2. I totally understand your frustrations Claire... We shouldn't be holding our students back because others are afraid of changing and growing. I always feel like if you are changing and making huge gains and progress with your class the rest of your team will see the successes and start (maybe slowly) moving in the same direction as you instead of staying in the same place. The mentality that you shouldn't do what you think is the greatest teaching you can do just because another class isn't is really damaging.

    I also loved when George said the thing about how teachers aren't afraid of change they're afraid of spending a lot of time on something that is pointless. This really put words to a feeling that I have had for a while.

    Keep on fighting the good fight Claire! The kids benefit from you innovating and growing!

    I also have to be honest, during the YouTube chat when they talked about supportive leaders I got slightly emotional thinking that this is the kind of support I was looking for a couple of years ago from building leader... if only...